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During the first year, the child’s day regimen changes several times, and usually it is the time of a particular activity that changes.

During the first three months, the infant sleeps a lot, you cannot speak directly about a regimen, because sleep and wakeful state change each other randomly, at this age awakening is typically called “hungry”.

After the age of 3 months, the baby sleeps less. Now, he or she is awake most of the day time. During the first year, the baby sleeps for 10-12 hours, including two times before and after noon with the average duration of 2 hours each.

It is necessary to gently set the day regimen to prepare the digestive system for a harmonious work and normalize the reflexes. With a certain regimen, the baby develops reflexes to feeding and sleep, if goes astray, in case of the disturbance, he or she gets tired quickly, developes poorly.

The healthy baby up to 3 months usually requires at least 17 hours of sleep, 7 feeding a day and, of course, walks and hygienic procedures. If the weather is good, sleep can be combined with walks. By 3 months, the baby requires a bit less sleep, by a couple of hours. By 6 months, the baby sleeps 3 times a day for 14 hours in general, daily routine remains the same, however, you can begin to combine with walks not only periods of sleep, but wakefulness as well, which will be beneficial for the child’s development, and he or she will start to get acquainted with the world around. By 9 months, the baby sleeps 2 times a day with day dream for about 5 hours. But in each case, the individual characteristics of your baby must be taken into account, he or she might want to sleep less during a day, but a little longer at night.