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Much attention has always been paid to diet and nutrition in general, one of the most important factors in food is its quality. Particularly close attention must be paid to nutrition of children, baby’s development and growth, immune development and many other indicators depend on it.

The quality of consumer food products has decreased significantly, which is why halal industry is gaining more popularity, because halal products are manufactured according to the strict norms of Islam law.

In Islam, ethic norms are specified, which are obligatory at farming, harvesting and processing of crops, sanitary and hygienic norms are strictly regulated. Rules and regulations clearly define a list of the forbidden food.

Industrial raw products used for the manufacture of baby foods is subject to strict incoming inspection by toxicological and microbiological parameters. Production technology and formulas are adapted to the peculiarities of children’s nutrition, well-balanced nutritional and energy values, as well as the presence of certain vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

There are a lot of organizations registered all over the world, that verify compliance of the food with Sharia law and issue the relevant certificates. Before an official document confirming the Halal status is issued, the product undergoes multi-stage studies and analyses, as inspectors are responsible not only to consumers but also to God.

For example, religious organization Russia Muftis Council developed standard “Regulation on the arrangement of production, trade, control of production and trade of the products permitted for consumption by Muslims – “Halal Production Procedure and Requirements of Russia Muftis Council” in 2003, second review was issued in December, 2004.

In 2007, Russia Muftis Council organized the Center of standardization and certification of Halal products and services, the main purpose of which is to coordinate the activities of the regional Halal certification bodies, development of uniform regulations and establishment of common Halal norms, regulations and characteristics.

In 2008, Russia Muftis Council developed the System of Voluntary Halal certification, registered by the Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology (http://russiahalal.com)

That is why the Halal industry is in growing demand not only among the Muslims. Strict rules and requirements to the Halal food products and services, as well as health concerns, particularly children’s health, have become a new and very popular trend.